Sr. No. Start-up Name Brief Details Year of Incubation Graduation Year No. of HR Working
Professional tailoring for working women is the need of the time however, it hardly exists. So we are introducing a business that will bring ease to working women who are financially, physically and mentally stressed to decide and choose what to wear in office routine that looks professional and easily available in price that suits their income level.

An App for “online tailor’s services will be made available that will not only save their penny but hassle to go to tailor physically and order professional wear.

2019 2
2 Route Master Replicated idea with advancement
If you commute to work on your own, you practically have another three empty seats. Seats which can be taken by colleagues or friendly strangers who need to go in the same direction. Passengers enjoy the more convenient alternative to expensive overcrowded vans, and you get to save a bit of money.
2019 2
3 Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick To help blind people to walk with ease and to be weaned whenever their walking path is obstructed with other objects, people or other similar odds. 2019 2