“Harnessing the power of research for a better tomorrow”


To serve as an agency for developing and supporting the FJWU academic research community in enabling FJWU to emerge as a research intensive University rendering significant contribution to Socioeconomic development of the country.


  • Contribute to the knowledge economy by promoting quality evidence based research
  • Foster an environment that is conducive to innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Strengthen university-industry-community linkages for synergizing the curricula, research and productivity with industry and community needs

 Terms of Reference

  • Enhancing research culture
  • Promoting inter/cross disciplinary research
  • Building university – industry linkages
  • Inculcating innovation and entrepreneurship culture among researchers
  • Acquiring grants/funding from national/international donors
  • Generating intellectual property through research, innovation, and commercialization
  • Establishing technology/innovation/business parks
  • Augmenting capacity building of research/corporate community