Department wise research projects and/or research funding earned by the faculty for last three years

Year: 2016

Sr# Designation/ Department Research Topic Amount Duration Sponsoring Agency Date of Approval
Beha vioral Sciences          
1 Dr. Aneela Maqsood Development of Teacher’s capacity building model to address the counseling needs of students: A way forward to institutional development under the theme “Society & Culture” Rs. 4.00 million 1 year HEC


11th  May, 2016


2 Dr. Sajida Naz Promoting tolerance through attitudinal change: implementing three week instructional plan with students of higher secondary schools and colleges of Rawalpindi under the theme “National Security and Foreign Policy” Rs. 4.00 million 1 year HEC


11th  May, 2016


3 Dr. Amna Khalid (PI),

Ms. Sabahat  Haqqani (CoPI)

A pilot controlled trail study of life skills classes for young people with low mood and anxiety in Pakistan. Rs. 4,555,90/- 1 year HEC


19th May, 2016


Envi ronmental Sciences          
1 Dr. Zakir Hussain “Synthesis, characterization and fabrication of doped metal sulphide thin films by Chemical Vapour Deposition Method and their possible photovoltaic applications” Rs.4,92000/-     29th November 2016
Com puter Science          
1 Mr. Nadeem Fakhar “Student Evaluation System for Final Year Projects” Rs.20,000/-    

National ICT







2 Dr. Muhammad


“Kindergarten Learning”


3 Ms. Bushra Sikander “Street Navigator for Blinds”  
4 Dr. Sadaf Abdul Rauf “Voice Enabled Interactive Frame Work for Visually Impaired” Rs.40,700/-   Ministry of



5 Dr. Sadaf Abdul Rauf “Implementation of Document Summarizer for News Domain” Rs.45,000/-  
6 Ms. Aliya Ashraf Khan “Pervasive Health Care System for Continuous Patient

Monitoring and Awareness Via Wearable Sensors”

7 Ms. Sobia Khalid “A Framework to Recommend Value Added packages based on Mobile Sets using Data Mining Techniques”


Educ ation        
1 Dr. Malik Ghulam Behlol Promoting inquiry informed practice about teaching and assessment of higher order thinking skills at higher education” Rs. 2313671/-   HEC, NRPU December 6, 2016


Year: 2017

Sr# Designation/ Department Research Topic Amount Duration   Sponsoring Agency Date of Approval
1 Dr. Rohama Gill “Fabrication of engineered nanocoatings as nano filters for remediation of polluted water” Rs.3967, 084 /- 36 Months   HEC, NRPU


April 2017
2 Dr. Naila Safdar “Anticarcinogenic Potential of Bimetallic Green Nano particles in Conjugation with Anti- cancerous Drugs” Rs. 3685, 373/-


24 Months   HEC, NRPU


April 2017
   3 Dr. Mehwish Jamil Noor “Aerobiological monitoring with relation to climatic factor and airborne pollen” Rs.495,000/- 12 Months   HEC, Start-up Grant June 2,2017
4 Dr. Rohama Gill Design and Application of Photocatalytic nanocoating for treatment of Polluted Water Rs. 888,246/-     PSF December 2017
Com puter Science        
1 Dr. Sadaf Abdul Rauf “Moving towards National Language; Developing an English to Urdu Translation system based on the Statistical Approach” Rs. 5584524/- 36 Months   HEC October, 2017
Educ ation        
1 Dr. Ghulam Behlol “Promoting inquiry informed teaching and assessment of Higher order cognitive skills in teacher education”


Rs. 1,443,000/-   HEC, PPRC 18th January 2017
2 Dr. Ghulam Behlol “Educating Teachers for Enhancing Community Participation: Bridging Gap Between School and

Community for quality education”

Rs.157, 500/-   HEC (SIOP) April 2017
3 Dr. Farhana Khurshid “Development of a Module on Flipped Classroom Instructional Strategy and Conducting Training Programs for Secondary School Science Teachers of Pakistan” Rs. 4.0/- Million 12 Months HEC May 3, 2017
1 Dr. Waqar Mehmood “Study of Surface Plasmon Interaction with Nano-

Structured Semiconductors”

Rs. 4,90,000/- 12 Months HEC, Start-up grant 12 May 2017
   2 Dr. Waqar Mehmood Development of Co-precipitation and sol-Gen technique and study of physical properties of synthesized ceramic compounds Rs. 499,210/-   FJWU December 17
Busi ness Administration          
1 Dr. Huma Ayub “Creating and Strengthening the Awareness of Financial Linkages among the Young Women Entrepreneurs in the Rural Areas of Rawalpindi


Rs. 358,000/- 3 Months HEC Social Integration



22 May 2017
Behavioral Sciences
1 Dr. Ishrat Yousaf and Dr.Sabahat Haqqani (CoPI) Predictors of Adherence to highly Active Retroviral treatement individuals with HIV and AIDS in Pakistan Rs. 294,000/-   HEC April 2017

 (Evidence: Standard No 5, Annex-II)                        


Department wise Research Projects and/or Research Funding earned by the faculty for Year: 2018


Sr# Name & Department Research Topic Amount Duration Sponsoring Agency  

Date of Approval

Communication & Media Studies       .
1 Dr. Saadia Ishtiaq “Challenges of Media and Communication Theoretical Developments in Pakistan”


Rs.4,20,000/- 12 months SRGP,HEC


January 18, 2018
Environmental Sciences        
1 Dr. Mehwish Jamil Noor “Vertical Gardening/Green Wall: Community based Integration plan on overhead bridges pillers and Roadsides walls of Rawalpindi”


Rs.350,000/- 3 months HEC (SIOP) June 4, 2018
2 Dr. Nosheen Masood “An insight into mutational association of DNA repair genes with breast cancer”


Rs.3003674/- 3 months HEC(NRPU) September 27, 2018
Behavioral Sciences
1 Dr. Sabahat Haqqani Preparation and Pilot Testing of Indigenous Manual based Training for Lowering Stress and Anxiety levels and Enhancing performance  among Pakistani Youth Rs. 410,000   HEC December, 2018
Department wise Research Projects and/or Research Funding earned by the faculty for Year: 2019


Sr# Name & Department Research Topic Amount Duration Sponsoring Agency  

Date of Approval

    1 Dr. Farzana kausar Biotreatment of dye effluents using bioreactor and impact of treated water on early growth of seedling Rs. 480,000/-     February 2019
2 Dr. Ammad ud Din An efficient Minuscule Diode Drop based rectifier for Energy Scavenging Circuits Rs. 454,000/-     February 2019
3 Dr. Misbah Qurban Enhancement and Preservation of Quantum correlation of two mode Gaussian states in a parametric down converter Rs. 320.000/-   HEC March 2019
4 Dr. Uzaira Rafique Archited synthesis of nano-structure, remediation application and designing of prototype of commercial viability Rs. 995,440/-   FJWU March 2019
5 Dr. Sohaila Andleeb Synthesis, structural Elucidation and Antibacterial potential for selected Heterocyclic/thione drived bismuth based complexes Rs. 479,568/-   HEC April 2019
6 Dr. Shaheen Begum Seismic hazard risk assessment of Margallah fault line Rs. 4,233,576/-   NRPU April, 2019